Rochee and the Sarnos – The Golden Dawn

Rochee and the Sarnos veröffentlichen am 15. März 2008, nach mehr als 22 Jahren, ein neues Album mit dem Titel “The Golden Dawn”. Das Cover sieht zwar ziemlich bescheiden aus, ich bin trotzdem gespannt was da auf uns zukommt.
Rochee and the Sarnos - The Golden Dawn

Lord Herbert Sarongster III: “All I can say is that the album is to be called “The Golden Dawn”, and contains some of the songs that we wanted to put on the second album way back when, plus new material. It is our way of catching up, and will allow us to embark on our next project, which is already underway and I am writing some new songs for it right now.”

Zu erwerben wird die Platte CD einzig über die Band-Website sein, da sich Lord Herbert Sarongster III als Produzent davon einen besseren Bezug zu den Käufern verspricht […].

Lord Herbert Sarongster III: “The idea is that as I am personally producing it, I wanted a more personal feel for everyone who buys a copy. There will be a limited edition of the signed version, which will be a personally dedicated postcard signed by me. This is so the cover of the album won’t be spoiled, and should be a nice memento! The album will also be available on iTunes as well. We will also be providing limited edition T-shirts as well”.


Tracklist “The Golden Dawn”:
1. The loneliness of cars
2. Market Place
3. A song for swinging lovers
4. Defrocked Priest
5. Secret Sarno
6. We speak in shapes
7. Eat my teeth
8. Naughty Uncle Arthur
9. The Beast
10. Foot in my Sock
11. Capitano Sarno
12. Sarnos across the sea (Viva el Presidente)

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